Lighting Patterns for Healthy Buildings assists lighting designers and specifiers in selecting quality lighting that supports healthy living. Designed in the spirit of traditional architectural pattern books, it presents model designs for typical rooms that can be adapted to specific buildings and styles. It is dedicated to all those who strive to create practical facilities that harmonize with the occupants’ needs and our environment.

Lighting affects peoples’ visual, circadian, and perceptual systems. A 24-hour lighting scheme, first proposed by Mariana Figueiro in 2008 for older adults, augments lighting design by including high circadian stimulation during the daytime, low circadian stimulation in the evening, good lighting for visibility, and nightlights with horizontal and vertical cues to improve postural stability. Applying the results of circadian stimulus (CS) research, Lighting Patterns for Healthy Buildings presents a portfolio of lighting patterns for various building types.

This website allows users to view lighting patterns showing base case and new lighting design analyzed for CS. Each pattern presents lighting plans, renderings, and generic luminaire information useful for providing healthy lighting throughout the day.


Sponsor: The Light and Health Alliance

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